All figures show that the total volume of printed matter produced in the Netherlands will continue to decrease. Does this mean that printers can already bury their presses? No, because printing in some categories has decreased sharply, but it is still alive. There are no digital alternatives for certain physical marketing issues. And even in a world where everything is ordered and placed online, a product still needs a printed package and personal “guidance”. This provides opportunities for successful communication, for example by personalizing print productions tailored to the customer. And by making smart use of data, marketing printing can be a valuable addition to an omniscan strategy.

Print was about large volumes that had to seduce as many anonymous customers as possible. Now it’s about how best to integrate a printed and personalized market intelligence into the Omnichannel strategy. For today, the customer uses multiple channels during shopping. In order to perfectly fit printing in the omnichannel strategy, insight into the customer and the customer journey is a prerequisite. That’s why we invest in that know how. The lntelligence department within Sumis Company is concerned with one question: where is your customer and how can we guide that customer seamlessly to a purchase? Based on research, we determine touchpoints and we can use the most optimal channels. We are not just taking new technologies unless they are of added value. For example, a printed display in a store may be more effective than an interactive digital advertising pillar.

New technologies and data

It is also a matter of printing with trends in trends that increasingly determine modern life. Think of ‘printed electronics’ or, for example, printing (invisible) codes that your mobile can scan. This will save you a bridge between online and offline communication and use the best of both worlds. In addition to new technology, available data also offers more opportunities for intelligent print productions. Thanks to all collected consumer data and buying behavior, shopping can be better matched. Personal communication wins after all from mass communication. However, a pitfall may occur if marketers do not have enough or no graphics background, which makes printing output not optimally utilized.

Personalized printing can, in combination with a message on social media and a personal message via the mail, be an important part of the customer journey. It remains important to be critical and to continuously analyze what the right mix of marketing means is. But the role of printing has not yet been achieved, which may be clear.

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